RuubikCMS v1.1.2 Beta:


RuubikCMS demo

Username: admin
Password: ruubik

Demo website


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta released


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta is now available for download. Special characters in page names are working now...

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RuubikCMS 1.1.1 released


RuubikCMS 1.1.1 is now available for download. It has one small new feature and includes the manual security...

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Local file inclusion vulnerability


We were informed 2011-10-17 that RuubikCMS 1.1.0 has a local file inclusion vulnerability in file...

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Installing to your web hosting provider

  1. Download the latest version and extract it to your local hard drive maintaining the directory structure.
  2. Upload (FTP/SFTP) the extracted files to your web server. For a normal setup you can upload all the files to your public www root directory. Help for transfering the files with FTP.

    It is also possible to create a subdirectory under the www root and upload the files to this folder. In this case you must specify this RuubikCMS site root folder in the CMS Settings.
  3. Set write permissions for these 2 directories recursively:



    Recursively = also files and subdirectories under these directories should be writable by PHP. Usually you would use CHMOD 755, 775 or 777 depending on server setup. Help for setting permissions.
  4. Browse to www.yourdoimain.dom/ruubikcms/install to check if the installation and the write permission are successful.
  5. Browse to www.yourdomain.dom/ruubikcms and log in with username admin and password ruubik.
  6. Change a secure password for user admin in the Users tab!
  7. If you installed RuubikCMS in a subdirectory, enter this directory in the Site Setup as Site root. This is important because otherwise hyperlinks and the file browser will not work properly.
  8. Remove the installation check directory /ruubikcms/install
  9. If not using Extranet: remove or disable directory /extra
  10. Make sure database at www.yourdomain.dom/ruubikcms/sqlite/ruubikcms.sqlite can not be downloaded! This should already be prevented by the included .htaccess file but some servers might not accept .htaccess directions.

    If you still feel unsafe leaving the SQLite database inside the public www folder, you can move the sqlite folder to an unpublic location and configure this location in /ruubikcms/includes/dbconfig.php. (Leaving the SQLite database inside the public www folder is to ease the installation and also because some ISPs do not allow reqular users to upload files outside the public www folder.)

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