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Password: ruubik

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RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta released


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta is now available for download. Special characters in page names are working now...

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RuubikCMS 1.1.1 released


RuubikCMS 1.1.1 is now available for download. It has one small new feature and includes the manual security...

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Local file inclusion vulnerability


We were informed 2011-10-17 that RuubikCMS 1.1.0 has a local file inclusion vulnerability in file...

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Frequently asked questions

1. My linked webpage stylesheet (CSS) does not work in although the linked URL seems correct and the CSS is valid. What's going on?

If the Clean URL option is enabled in Site Settings tab, you must use an absolute URL when linking your CSS file, i.e., <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/ruubikcms/website/css/default.css" />. See also documentation.

2. My image used in the webpage template is not displayed although the IMG tag and the image source seem correct. That absolute URL thing again?

Yes, at the moment all the links in the website template must be absolute. So <img src="/ruubikcms/website/images/image.jpg" alt="pic" /> should work.

3. My website template requires changes to the HTML that RuubikCMS dynamically creates, for example the created menu HTML needs some extra classes. How I change the HTML output of different PHP template codes?

All the HTML generation the template PHP codes is done in /ruubikcms/page.php. Look for the comments in this file to find a specific template code and edit the needed HTML.

For example there are 3 slightly different main menu versions, of which only one is in use. Code in page.php is quite a mess at the moment because of the many needs. It would be nice to get this cleaned up a bit.


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