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RuubikCMS demo

Username: admin
Password: ruubik

Demo website


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta released


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta is now available for download. Special characters in page names are working now...

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RuubikCMS 1.1.1 released


RuubikCMS 1.1.1 is now available for download. It has one small new feature and includes the manual security...

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Local file inclusion vulnerability


We were informed 2011-10-17 that RuubikCMS 1.1.0 has a local file inclusion vulnerability in file...

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Complete list of template PHP codes

Initialize CMS, Template

<?php require('ruubikcms/page.php');?> Initialize CMS in the beginning of the template (index.php)
<?php echo $siteroot;?> Site root directory, defined in CMS Settings
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $siteroot;?>ruubikcms/website/css/style.css" /> Example of linking a CSS-file to the template

Site Settings

<?php echo $page['sitename'];?> Site/company name
<?php echo $page['doctype'];?>
Site document type (DOCTYPE)
<?php echo $page['lang'];?> Site content language
<?php echo $page['charset'];?>
Character set used to save the site
<?php echo $page['description'];?>
Sivun description (meta name="description")
<?php echo $page['keywords'];?>
Site keywords (meta name="keywords")
<?php echo $page['robots'];?>
Indexing instruction for search engines (meta name="robots")
<?php echo $page['author'];?>
Author of the site (meta name="author")
<?php echo $page['copyright'];?>
Copyright holder (meta name="copyright")
<?php echo $page['gacode'];?> Google Analytics tracking code for the entire site


<?php echo $page['name'];?> Page name
<?php echo $page['pageurl'];?>
Page URL (the last part)
<?php echo $_GET['p'];?> Same as page URL (the last part)
<?php echo $page['title'];?> Page title (TITLE-element)
<?php echo $page['header1'];?> Page H1-header
<?php echo $page['subheader'];?> Name of the main level page (can be used e.g. above the submenu)
<?php echo $page['content'];?> Page content
<?php echo $page['extracode'];?> Page extra code (e.g. HTML iframe). Use this if there is no PHP in extra codes.
<?php eval("?>".$page['extracode']);?> Page extra code when PHP is used (contact form etc.). For security reasons do not use when PHP is not used.
<?php echo $page['image1'];?> URL of page decoration image 1
<?php echo $page['image2'];?> URL of page decoration image 2
<img src="<?php echo $page['image1'];?>" alt="pic" /> HTML for inserting decoration image 1
<img src="<?php echo $page['image2'];?>" alt="pic" /> HTML for inserting decoration image 2


<?php snippet('snippetname');?> Snippet, replace 'snippetname' with a correct name.
<?php snippet_php('snippetname');?> Snippet with PHP code, replace 'snippetname' with a correct name.
<?php if ($page['pageurl'] == 'frontpage') snippet('sample');?> Snippet 'sample' only for page named 'frontpage' (Page URL).
<?php if ($page['pageurl'] == 'frontpage' OR $page['pageurl'] == 'company') snippet('sample');?> Snippet 'sample' only for pages named 'frontpage' or 'company'.
<?php if ($page['pageurl'] != 'company') snippet('sample');?> Do not show snippet 'sample' on page named 'company'.


<?php echo $page['news'];?> Site news listing


<?php echo $page['dropdownmenu'];?> Site menu structure as nested unordered lists (UL) for drop down menus
<?php echo $page['mainmenu'];?> Site main menu (separate UL)
<?php echo $page['submenu1'];?> Site submenu 1 (separate UL)
<?php echo $page['submenu2'];?> Site submenu 2 (separate UL)
<?php echo $page['submenuslide'];?> Submenu 1 and submenu 2 as nested unordered lists (UL) e.g. for a slidemenu

HTML code (ul, div, class names) for menus and other parts can be edited in file 'ruubikcms/page.php'.

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