RuubikCMS v1.1.2 Beta:


RuubikCMS demo

Username: admin
Password: ruubik

Demo website


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta released


RuubikCMS 1.1.2 Beta is now available for download. Special characters in page names are working now...

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RuubikCMS 1.1.1 released


RuubikCMS 1.1.1 is now available for download. It has one small new feature and includes the manual security...

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Local file inclusion vulnerability


We were informed 2011-10-17 that RuubikCMS 1.1.0 has a local file inclusion vulnerability in file...

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About Us

RuubikCMS background

RuubikCMS was developed because we needed an easy to use web publishing tool for our customers and a flexible tool for ourselves. Key issues were user-friendliness, easy installation and customization, freedom in website layout, SQLite support (no external database) and search engine optimized output. None of the existing systems fully met our requirements.

The planning for RuubikCMS began in December 2008 and the first public version was released in August 2009.

RuubikCMS developers

RuubikCMS is developed as a cooperative partnership between two Finnish companies:


Programming (PHP), general planning


Graphics, HTML, CSS, general planning